boxtrailer 60_160

€ 2.295,00 (without VAT 21%)
Net weight 54,00 Kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 167 x 81 x 132 cm
tubing aluminium system profiles
connection parts mostly stainless steel (corners, plates)
axel 16inch plastic wheels 12mm screw and bolt
axel 20inch wheels (radially or cross spoked) 12mm quick release
mudguards 2mm stainless steel
hitch F1 (flex) stainless steel with aluminium clamp
hitch US stainless steel
bottom panel (option) heavy duty flight panel, light weight polypropylene board with toughened surface
weight bottom panel 120_60 2,9kg (incl. screws and brackets)
weight bottom panel 160_60 3,8kg (incl. screws and brackets)
weight mudguards 2,5kg
weight wheels 20inch +1,6kg in compare with plastic wheels
max. load with spoked wheels 150kg
max. load with plastic wheels -
max. tongue load 30kg

Solid aluminum bicycle boxtrailer designed by Busybike. All Busybike's bike trailers are designed for professional use.

The innersize between the aluminium profiles is 61cm x 161cm x 99cm (l x w x h). The height between the upper and lower sliding profiles is 96cm.


This trailer is mainly constructed of aluminium and stainless steel parts. The sandwich polypropylene panels are very stiff, strong and light weight.

The trailer will only be built with panels in color gray in stead of the red panels on some of the pictures.

The sliding doors have slam-locks. So if you close the door, it's directly locked.

This system is very flexible. With sliding nuts, it's easy to connect for example attachment eyes, boxes or bill boards on the bottom-frame.

The price for this trailer includes:

- the hitch and bicycle frame connector

- the aluminium frame (systemprofiles) with hard-top and sandwich bottom panel

- 2 sliding doors with slam locks on the right side of the bicycle trailer

- 2 x 20 inch wheels, cross spoked or radially spoked

- 2 little wheels to roll and park the trailer at the rear end

- 2 mudguards and 4 bull bars

- complete assembled, in case of shipping some parts will be dismounted and shipped as separated part.


By choosing several options you can create your own trailer.

All trailers of Busybike are designed for Euronorm sizes. So crates having a bottom area of 40cm x 60cm fit in the frame.




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